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  1. Finite (Terran Times, #60) by Viola Grace
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Finite (Terran Times, #60) by Viola Grace

Just a Gigolo What's a guy to do when he's just a gigolo? Ricky Marcel's been in LA for eleven months, struggling t Negotiator of Worlds Liam is a boy born with special powers. What exactly those powers are for, only though the course Mandate Wren takes care of those around her, but will a bunch of Guardians be more than she can keep in f Liberty Seeing death is a rough life, but Liberty finds out that death can open doors to worlds she never Mercedes Grant is a lonely, Sensual Stranger Into his life she came—wanting…willing…wanton.

Zendara Begins In a time where magic and swords meet, collisions will occur, and sparks will fly. Orphaned at a youn Relentless Passion Twins Alex and Zeca love to switch identities. What Money Can't Buy Francesca leaves her dead-end marriage and spends a summer working at an eco-village, where she fall Gargoyle Rising An old spell book helped him breathe life into a Gargoyle. With its rise come new enemies, but also Damson Rapture Showdown in Durango Mired in poverty, forced into prostitution, the victim of police brutality, Indian attacks and ru The Magic Of Sex Aria is having horrible nightmares of being a vampire, but when those she kills in her dreams kid Atlantica Dream When love makes you a man.

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Kirk is a rich young man, partying on his twenty-first and fil Authors other products. Sage and Spirited Hot And Haunted Life is busy when you are half-ghost, half-human, and fully booked rescuing the haunted from their l Exchange value is the reason, not only that we easily buy and sell territory but also that we can quickly exchange one territory for another. For example, at present many professionals lead a forced nomadic life, having to frequently change jobs and residence, and therefore territory.

In The Corrosion of Character , Richard Sennett describes how this global drift corrodes our individual character. The personal traits which we value in ourselves and for which we seek to be valued by others. Or, to put it differently: can we still find the time to build up and experience a territory through long-term use of our environment?

If territory first and foremost refers to a personal mental and physical space, which we can only experience because it is delineated and because we have a certain sense of control over it, then the question is whether this possibility still exists today. Even if we are not forced to leave our territory, its jacked-up exchange value guarantees that the territory around us transmutes with lightning speed. Do we still have time to connect and bond with the people and things around us?

Terran Times Tales Series

And do we even want to? It seems that many thirty-somethings today suffer from fear of commitment This corrosion of character, and the diminishing opportunities to bind ourselves to other people and our immediate environment for the long-term and attain an embedding through sustainable use, at least explains the extreme identitary reflex that we are confronted with almost everywhere these days. In another book, Sennett writes that less and less people succeed in developing into adults.

For fear of losing individuality, the adolescent stubbornly clings to principles in order to thus obtain an identity.

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Now, this is quite normal and perhaps even necessary behaviour in youngsters who still have to establish their place in the world. In adults, however, it leads to pathological rigidity whereby all that is different is seen as threatening. This pathology expresses itself on the collective and political level in the by now well-known nationalisms, walls, travel bans, gated communities and other fortifications.

From Brexit to Trumpism, these are all expressions of the fear over the loss of territory. When a territory has been taken by someone, it can no longer be used by someone else.

Finite time bounds for sampling based fitted value iteration

Trade agreements and common markets increase exchange value while degrading use value — if only by limiting the lifespan of commodities. The faith in blind competition backfires into reactionary attitudes, fundamentalisms and terror. When in the game of supply and demand everything is related to everything and therefore becomes relative and liquid, people frantically try to find firm ground again. They feel an urgent need to demarcate the territory and even take up arms again.

This is a highly paradoxical mental state in which neoliberalism and neo-nationalism easily find and overlap each other.

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  8. From Berlusconi via Cameron and De Wever to Trump, we see expressions of new ideological and political formations that reconcile free trade with protectionism and conservatism in a highly original manner. The result is a curiously repressive liberalism in which fear of loss of territory is overcompensated for by its rigid delineation.

    In any case, in the past decade in Europe, the wet dream of a common market with free competition and frictionless mobility has turned into a bitter nightmare full of political name-calling, troikas and barbed wire. In particular these troikas are evidence of the belief that unity within the European Union can be achieved or restored by fixing the economy, that mutual trust can be gained by balancing budgets.

    In this belief, the European territory is seen as a monotopia in which the competition between creative cities, regions and countries benefits everyone. Until recently, no one would have dared to predict that this European utopia might very well turn into a dystopia of reactionary divisive politics.

    Nevertheless, social geographers Ole Jensen and Tim Richardson neatly pointed out, as early as , that a policy of competition between cities, regions or countries might raise the common prosperity, but would also always generate winners and losers. Those who see the free market as the foundation of the territory apply the same measure to all residents, cities, regions and countries, looking only at their differences in quantitative terms. From that perspective there are only actors who do better or less well, who do very good or very bad.

    Then there are only frontrunners and stragglers and everyone in between, but everyone is going in the same direction, towards the same worthy goal. That goal is after all easy to calculate and can be expressed in numbers. Within Europe, this leads to the ironic but rather apt spectacle in which glances are occasionally cast from right to left, or from east to west, but mainly from down to up or from the geographical south to the north.

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    It may no longer be a land or gold rush, but it is a competitive rush to the economic top — whereby the North dictates the norm — that has transformed the European landscape into a minefield of envy and mutual blaming. It brings to mind the old saying about the pot calling the kettle black. Fierce competition inevitably leads to envy and exclusion, along with the occasional foul play. Write a review. Welcome visitor you can Login or Register. Viola Grace Finite.

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