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21 Legendary Punishments that Kids Couldn’t Forget if they Tried
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My son Liam managed to shut down Dinotown because he got away from me at 3 years old. He did it again. So I made Liam sit with me on a bench for the next 2 hours while all the other kids ran and played in the water park. Evan and I talked about how delicious the ice cream was all the way home. Liam just cried. He never took off on me again though. In fact, all of these are. You parents are strong! Last year, my son begged me to sign him up for baseball, so I did, paid a ton of money for the league, cleats, glove, uniform, equipment, etc.

And he still remembers I did that and references it often when I tell him not to give up!

I Had an Accident

Most of these stories are just horrible and so humiliating for the children. It makes me really sad. I think this is the wrong perspective. In parenting, a long perspective is necessary. Sure, in the moment, the child may be embarrassed. But what is embarrassment compared to the consequence of not learning the lesson? None of these things came without reasonable warning. Every child was given the choice to change his or her behavior before any consequence was imposed.

As a parent, I consider what will happen if my child does not learn this lesson.

If they continue to sass and back talk to authorities, they could lose jobs, end up in prison, or any number of much worse consequences than missing out on a fun event. You get the idea. So many of these things show that the kids have more than they need…toys, parties, vacations, etc. If the children have not chosen to act according to the expectations that parents laid out, taking away extras is reasonable. These children were not deprived of food, shelter, or basic necessities. I have three kids.

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My oldest all you have to do is look at her with a disappointing expression and she breaks down. While my youngest would grab a bar of soap and eat it so that she could cuss you out medication ended up helping and even at three would put herself on timeouts once for an hour so she could misbehave. So her punishments always had to be severe. None of these punishments were abusive, nor were they random punishments for no reason. The child was told a punishment would occur if they continued to do something bad, in many cases they were given many warnings, and they continued.

People nowadays are saying that millennials are spoiled and soft, and that may be true because they had baby-boomer parents who threw money and stuff at them in lieu of quality parenting time. If the circle is coming back around, people are seeing that having a soft childhood did not prepare them for a tough adulthood. I applaud these parents. In many cases the parents were punished just as much as the child.

We were all disciplined in one way or another and most of us grow up to be decent hums beings who understand the basics of cause and effect. The main thread that happens in these stories is consistency and follow-through. What does that teach the kid? What these stories show is that the parents say what they mean and will follow through.

The earlier the children learn that there are consequences to actions, the earlier they learn to consider consequences before performing those actions. These promises have to be reasonable, but severe enough while still being safe to impress the child.

Old Man Knocks Guy the F*!k Out

You also have to consider the effects on the family. Anna, either you are not a parent, or are intent on raising narcissistic sociopaths that will end up being total jerks….. If children do not learn proper, socially acceptable behavior we ALL suffer later because they think the world revolves around them.

When children misbehave they need to know there will be immediate and unpleasant consequences. This is what my husband and I talk about all the time. We have 6 kids between us, 4 that live with us. Time outs, grounding, restrictions, etc work sometimes with some of them. Other times we have to spank. My 5 year old step son likes to be a pain in the butt about eating. Yet, he will still refuse to eat.

Now he is told 2 times to eat before the food is taken away and he goes to school or to bed hungry. Lord Almighty.

Now that We’re Talking About “Spanking”…

This type of thinking is first of all dangerous, and second of all disrespectful to your children. Respect works both ways. And they will not learn to think critically about how to behave appropriately in various situations; they will simply learn to blindly obey. I vividly remember the day my Dad taught me the consequences of lying.

Man’s post about wanting to punch a feminist backfired in a big way

I was about six, and I was racing to jump onto the couch with my little brother with a lollipop in my mouth. My Dad, horrified at how dangerous my stunt had been, asked if he had really just seen me leap onto the couch with a sucker in my mouth.

I lied and said no. He sat me down and we had a very, very long talk. He told me that trust is like a wall that you build brick by brick, but that one lie can knock it down, and it takes a very long time to build the wall up again.

didnt hurt a spanking incident Manual

That was almost 25 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I learned a very important lesson very rapidly, and to this day I have never, ever cringed in fear of either of my parents. It is absolutely possible to teach your children the lessons they need to learn without humiliating them, destroying things that are important to them, or physically injuring them.

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Oh my god. A spanking is embarrassing and if used sparingly can be effective with SOME children. And yes, there are some parents who are physically abusive, but I never once feared my dad the whole three times he spanked me in my life time. In fact, it never impacted my love for him. My mom who was literally beat for real?

Scared of her parents. I agree with you, especially a lot of the comments here. Some people think that having a kid automatically makes them better at knowing how to raise children. Obviously these kids needed something to get their attention. I do have kids. And parents ask her for parenting advice because they are amazed at how well she turned out. I never had to hit or spank her. I treated her with respect and talked with her as an intelligent human being with a mind of her own. I wanted her to learn the logic behind her choices so she could make good choices on her own.

By 10 she was correcting friends. By 14 she was teaching her friends to be more grateful for all their parents did for them and to respect them. FYI: some kids are easy and some are not. My brother and I were the easy two in my family.